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212 S. Water Street Tahlequah, OK 74464

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The CAC offers artists a place to meet, share their knowledge and learn new techniques. They have the opportunity to explore a number of creative avenues at the center while creating a viable source of income for themselves and spreading awareness about Cherokee culture. The Cherokee Arts Center is a gathering place for artists to mentor and network with one another in order to become artist entrepreneurs.

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Hours of operation for the Cherokee Arts Center are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Arts Center is also available by appointment. Studio artists and those giving or receiving artistic instruction may have access to the center after hours. To inquire about available studio space or for more information, call 918-453-5728萤火虫vpn918-453-5000, ext. 5992, or email, artscenter@cherokee.org.

Information About the Building Location in Historic Downtown Tahlequah

The Cherokee Arts Center is located at 212 S. Water St. in Historic Downtown Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The Cherokee Arts Center is located directly behind the Cherokee Supreme Court  Museum which is directly across the street from the Cherokee Courthouse Square. One block south from the Cherokee Arts Center is the Cherokee Prison Museum and a few blocks North is the Historic Female Seminary which is now known as Northeastern State University. 

Located outside the Cherokee Arts Center is a mural depicting Southeastern Woodland art. There are prehistoric basket and pottery designs, some representing friendship and some water/wind movement in the mural. The figure itself is a stickball player based on prehistoric shell work surrounded by contemporary depictions of the Seven Clans.

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